What Are the Most Popular Types of Homes for Sale in Springfield, Missouri?

Do you need to buy or sell a home? Springfield continues to be a hot real estate market, as it has been for several years. New homes continue to pop up all over the area. People move into town looking to return to their roots or come here from busier metropolitan areas to get away from the hustle of big-city life. Plus, the job market remains strong.

Whatever your reason for buying or selling a home here, take a look at the most popular types of homes for sale in Springfield, Missouri, when exploring your options.

Some Statistics on Homes for Sale in Springfield, Missouri

As of February 2024, there were 831 homes for sale in Springfield, up from 791 the month before, according to numbers from Rocket Homes. Of the 204 homes sold in Springfield in that month, 120 (59%) were sold in under 30 days. So, if you plan on buying a home, act quickly if you spot your dream home!

The most popular homes for sale in Springfield, Missouri, based on the number of bedrooms, are three-bedroom homes. In February 2024, there were 400 out of 831 homes for sale with three bedrooms. Three-bedroom homes are popular because they have enough space for two kids and two adults. Four-bedroom homes were also popular, with 198 on the market, followed by 135 two-bedroom homes.

As you can see by the variety of homes for sale in Springfield, there’s one out there that will fit your needs!

What Are the Most Popular Styles of Homes for Sale in Springfield, Missouri?

From bungalows and mid-century modern to craftsman and townhomes, Springfield offers a wide range of styles.

Buttermilk Spring Road, Galena, MO

Ranch-Style Homes for Sale in Springfield, Missouri

Home listings site Zillow showcased 89 ranch-style homes for sale in Springfield in February 2024. Ranch-style homes are typically one level and spread out with an open floor plan, a large patio or deck in the back, and an attached garage. The idea of a ranch-style home is modern simplicity and ease of movement from one end of the house to the other. The garage is on one end, usually near the kitchen or utility room. The bedrooms are on the opposite end of the house, with the open floor plan of the living room and dining room in the middle. 


Ranch-style homes are some of the most popular designs for three-bedroom homes in Springfield and across the United States. They are relatively easy to build, while the open floor plan offers endless possibilities for customization for furniture, design, flooring, and more.

Bungalow-Style Homes for Sale in Springfield, Missouri

In February 2024, Zillow showed 40 bungalow-style homes for sale in Springfield.  Bungalows originated in California. They feature a front porch, usually with a small flight of stairs, and a narrow profile, which is the opposite of a ranch-style house. Rather than seeing the entire layout of the home from side to side, this one has a front-to-back profile when looking at a bungalow from the street. 


Typical bungalows have the front door adjoining a living room as part of an open floor plan with the living room, dining room, and kitchen all in one open area. These homes usually have two bedrooms, a single floor, and a detached garage. You’ll find lots of nooks and crannies here, with integrated shelving, closets, and storage areas. They were popular builds in the early 20th century as Americans moved west and needed easy-to-construct homes to live in. You’ll see bungalows all over the historic neighborhoods in Springfield.

Craftsman-Style Homes for Sale in Springfield, Missouri

Head to the Rountree, Midtown, or Phelps Grove neighborhoods to see some of the best craftsman-style homes in Springfield. Zillow listed 23 of these homes in February 2024. 

These types of houses featured handmade, local materials all over the inside. Look for hardwood floors and entryways. Typically two stories, some bedrooms might have gables on them as they jut out from the main roofline to create more space in upstairs rooms. Relax on the wide, open front porch held up by the sturdy tapered columns. When looking out of the bay window, you might see your roof overhang it a little bit to foster water runoff from the rain.

Find Your Dream Home With a Top Real Estate Agency in Springfield, Missouri

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