You’re an experienced real estate agent looking for a permanent home. You want to partner with the right people to elevate your career and your prospects but also to foster your clients’ success when buying or selling a home

First, you must decide if joining forces with another agency is right for you. Second, you’ll have two primary options when choosing the type of real estate agency you want to join. There is a boutique agency that delivers personalized customer service to clients. And there’s the corporate real estate agency with its own rules for being a part of their team. We’ll discuss the differences between a boutique real estate agency and a corporate one when you’re looking to join a real estate agency in the Springfield, Missouri, area.

More Simplified Payouts to Member Agents at a Boutique Real Estate Firm

When looking for an established group to join, a boutique real estate agency offers simplified payouts versus ones with complicated fee structures. You’ll get a bigger cut of your sales. Bring your book to Tolbert Realtors, and you’ll be rewarded for your hard work. 

No Mandatory Fees When Partnering With a Boutique Real Estate Agency

Larger corporate real estate agencies in town have mandatory fees. Tolbert Realtors has no office fees and minimal out-of-pocket expenses. You get to keep more of your commissions rather than wasting your hard-earned efforts on fees that may or may not benefit you. 

Are the office fees paid to a corporate real estate agency worth it? If you’re like most real estate agents in Springfield, Missouri, you spend most of your time traveling from home to home rather than in an office. You can work from home on your phone or laptop while still having an office presence and office address.

Collaboration Over Competition

Because you pay fees at a large corporate real estate agency, you’ll need to work harder to attain your financial goals. Your office mates may feel the same way. Do you really want the high stress of competition against other agents in your office?

Boutique real estate agencies have a closer-knit culture where agents help each other succeed. Rising waters raise all boats. Every sale raises the profile of the entire agency. Are you going to become just a number at a corporate real estate agency? Do they have a culture of “We’ll just get another agent to fill those shoes?” 

No one can do what you do. We’ll value your work ethic, determination, dedication, and experience in our real estate market. 

Quality Over Quantity

Some real estate agents love the thrill of the chase when trying to close as many transactions as possible to land more commissions. But is that the right thing to do with clients? Do you rush through transactions thinking everything will go well? Every customer, every home, and every transaction is unique. No two are ever exactly alike. You can’t take a chance with one sale while you’re thinking of this other account off to the side. Your focus should be on the present client, not the number of sales.

Better Work-Life Balance

Partnering with a boutique real estate agency in Springfield, Missouri, helps you achieve a better work-life balance. Want to spend more time at home? You already work from home a lot. That’s why we don’t have office fees. More of your money goes to building your life on your terms.

Balancing work and life boosts happiness, productivity, and fulfillment, fostering success in both realms. It's transformative!
Kat Tolbert Headshot
Kat Tolbert
Managing Broker

Less Stress

When you compete against other real agents, or you’re too busy rushing through transactions, your stress level likely increases. Working with a boutique real estate agency is probably less stressful than working with a corporate real estate agency. When you’re stressed, it affects everything in your life. Don’t take that chance with a larger corporation.

Join Our Boutique Real Estate Agency in Springfield, Missouri

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